Your Visit

Step by Step guide to what happens at the consultation and on the treatment day

Pre Operative Consultation

Your first step is to be assessed by the Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon.

Your surgeon will perform a comprehensive ophthalmic assessment which will include taking a computerised map of the cornea, measurements of your refractive error, pupil size and corneal thickness.

The Consultation

The surgeon will discuss the following with you:

  • The risks, benefits & alternatives to the surgery
  • What you should expect before, during and after surgery
  • Statistics, risks and complications
  • Any questions you may have

The Procedure Day

It's good to know what happens on the day of your treatment. Knowing what to expect will give you peace of mind.

You visit will take approximately two hours. The surgery is carried out in the eye department and we will have given you an appointment time to arrive approximately one hour in advance of your surgery. This allows us to prepare you and give you time to relax and settle after your journey in.

On arrival you will be met and welcomed by the specialist team, who will explain your drops and medication regime. A mild relaxant will be offered if you are feeling a little apprehensive.

The laser procedure itself takes about 15 minutes for the two eyes. Local anaesthetic eye drops will be instilled before and during the procedure. This means the experience for you will be comfortable and pain free. Your surgeon will explain the process step by step.

After the procedure you will relax for about 20 minutes in a recliner chair in a quiet area. Your family / friend is welcome to sit with you.

The surgeon will examine your eyes and go through your discharge instructions before you go home.