Laser Eye Surgery

Reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses with laser eye surgery

Patients with near-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism can now eliminate or reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses by undergoing Laser Vision refractive surgery using the excimer laser.

The idea behind laser eye surgery is to produce small changes in the surface layers of the cornea, which in turn produce significant changes in the way the eye focuses light. 


LASIK eye surgery is the treatment of choice for most patients and the vast majority of patients experience a marked improvement in vision within 24 hours. 

LASIK can be performed on patients with low, moderate and higher prescriptions. Here at Blackrock Clinic we use the very latest generation of the Intralase Femotsecond laser on all LASIK patients to create a micro thin flap in the cornea.  The flap is lifted back and the underlying surface is reshaped with the VISX excimer laser. As LASIK surgery results in less surface disturbance there is less discomfort than with PRK/LASEK as well as a speedier recovery. Worldwide, this is the safest and most precise laser eye surgery technique available.


PRK / LASEK surface laser treatment is an excellent alternative procedure for people with a low glasses prescription.

In PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy) the centre of the surface of the cornea is re-shaped using the excimer laser by removing microscopic amounts of cellular tissue. These cells (known as the epithelial layer) repair themselves by growing back over the cornea within a few days. PRK offers an excellent alternative to LASIK for certain patients.   

LASEK is a further refinement of PRK. In LASEK the surface cells are not removed (as in PRK)  but are instead gently moved to the edge of the cornea.  After the laser has reshaped the exposed corneal surface, the cells are moved back into place. 

PRK and LASEK may be a good vision correction solution for patients with corneas that are deemed too thin for LASIK.   

  • I recently has a LASEK procedure with Dr Kathyrn McCreery in December 2016 and the whole experience was very positive. I had a speedy appointment booked at short notice, I went in had my procedure which took no longer than 5 minutes per eye and it all felt as easy as if i was going for a dental check up. Instantly after the procedure I could see much clearer. A week passed and I had clearer vision than through my contact lenses, I just thought how simple the procedure was and how much…

    Sam Hussain Laser Eye Surgery

  • Having recently had LASIK laser eye surgery in Blackrock Clinic with Paul O Brien and his team I can safely say it has changed my way of life. I was nervous about getting the procedure but have to say I was always put at ease with the positivity from the team and everything was explained in clear understandable language. I couldn't believe how quick my eyes recovered to 20/20 vision following the surgery and the days of glasses/contact lenses were behind me. I've an interest in many…

    Michael Kavanagh Laser Eye Surgery

  • Many friends and colleagues had undergone laser surgery in the past. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, I always felt they were a little cavalier. As a 40th birthday present to myself I bit the bullet and went for an assessment with Paul O Brien . The professionalism and thoroughness of Paul and his team completely reassured me, quelling any doubts or nervousness I may have had. The surgery itself was utterly painless and over in 10 minutes. The next day, being able to see clearly…

    Martha Fanning Laser Eye Surgery

  • From the initial consultation to the post surgery follow up, I was treated professionally and with care and courtesy by Mr. Power and everyone in his team at the Blackrock Clinic. The surgery was a great success and I am delighted that I opted for Mr. Power. I am now aged 57 and had been wearing glasses and contact lenses since I was 16. It’s a pleasure not to have to reach for my glasses first thing each morning. The surgery has made a huge difference to my everyday activities and my…

    Eddie McGinley Laser Eye Surgery

  • I underwent phakic lens implant surgery earlier this year. Prior to my initial consultation with Mr O Brien I had been quite apprehensive as I knew relatively little about the procedure. Mr O Brien clearly explained the surgery and patiently addressed all of my concerns. I received the best of care throughout the process from surgery right through to my post operation consultation. The procedure and my recovery went exactly as outlined and the results have been excellent. I would…

    Daniel O Mahony Lens Implant Surgery

  • I would highly recommend Dr Kathyrn McCreery & her team. They explained everything that I needed to know to make me feel comfortable prior & post laser surgery. The care on the day was fantastic as was the follow up care I have received the days and months after. My advice would be stop thinking about it & do it, you won't regret it, the best decision I have ever made, life changing.

    Davinia O Keeffe Laser Eye Surgery


We are committed to using the latest technologies for all our laser surgery procedures. We use the latest generations intralase lasers to make the corneal flap and the excimer laser to reshape the cornea. This combined with the use of an active eye-tracking system using iris recognition software has further improved the accuracy of the procedure.

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